CrossFit – Thu, Jun 29
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CrossFit Kids has been cancelled for this summer unfortunately.



1 Max UB set of TTB

at 3:00 mark


1 set of TTB at 25% of max

Coach’s Notes: It’s not as complicated as it looks, At 3,2,1, go you will perform 1 max unbroken set of TTB. Once completed you will rest until the 3:00 mark. At 3:00 we will start a 5 minute EMOM where you will perform 1 set of TTB. you will 25% of what you hit for your max. Example: if you do 8 TTB for your max you will take 25% of that number (2) and that will be your number for the EMOM.


3 Sets:

30 Second Farmer’s Hold (heavy)

Max duration hang from bar

2:00 Row or Ski recovery


Accumulate 50 V-ups or tuck-ups in the fewest sets possible