CrossFit – Mon, Jul 3

Hang Squat Snatch (3 Reps EMOMx5:00)

Coach’s Notes: Start light and build to 8/10 RPE. Focus on technique and moving well. We will build on this movement in the upcoming weeks.

Weighted GHD Hip Extension (6 Reps EMOMx6:00)

Coach’s Notes: Pause for 1 second at the top.

Metcon (Calories)

Complete a round every 4:00 x 5 Rounds:

10 Double DB Front Squats

10 Double DB Push Press

10 Toes to Bar

Max Calorie Machine in remaining time

*No rest between rounds

Men’s Rx: 50#/hand

Women’s Rx: 35#/hand

Coach’s Notes: Hold a pace that’s appropriate for 20:00. Record total calories