CrossFit Gym Located In Clovis, CA

Serving athletes in Clovis, CA and surrounding areas, Certus Crossfit is here to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our strength and conditioning facility is backed by a team of coaches who help people work toward fitness and physical wellness by providing key knowledge and support. Our modern facility features the fitness equipment you need to achieve success. When you join our CrossFit gym, you'll be among others who are striving to meet their fitness goals and become part of a great community of athletes.


Certus Details

Certus CrossFit is a full service Strength, Conditioning and Sport Performance Facility that caters to athletes of all domains of sport and fitness.

Our primary focus is to improve the lives of our members through fitness and wellness and to create athletes who are not only physically strong, but who also possess strength in heart, mind and spirit.

There is equality in our Community where the top athletes support, motivate and inspire our newest members, in an environment where everyone can grow and succeed regardless of their ability.
Our 8500sqft facility features daily CrossFit Classes in addition to weekly Mobility & Core, Gymnastics and Weightlifting classes that are included in membership.

We also feature traditional Strength and Conditioning equipment that one would find in larger fitness facilities such as treadmills and cable units that are very useful to assist with injury rehabilitation and CrossFit training.

This is also a unique feature for those who want a more traditional gym experience, along with or in lieu of a CrossFit gym, eliminating the need for maintaining multiple gym memberships.
Additionally, we will have a fully stocked Performance Shop featuring protein, supplements, clothing and other accessories to suit the needs for all athletes.
Members will enjoy our modern Men's and Women's Locker room facilities, each with it's own shower and changing areas, eliminating the need to return home to clean up before returning to work/school.
Joe Devane: Trainer
Certus CrossFit

  • Bachelors of Science, Kinesiology, CSUF
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
joe - trainer in Clovis, CA
My entire life I have had a passion for fitness and human performance. From my earliest memories I played every sport I possibly could find, constantly finding new ways to compete and challenge myself. In November 2011 I was working out at the California State University, Fresno Rec Center and saw my friend doing a crazy workout he later told me was called “Fran.” He explained to me it was a CrossFit Benchmark WOD and I found myself the next day doing the same workout. After completing “Fran” I was hooked. Somewhere in between finding my breath and the intense burn in my forearms I had found a connection, a connection that would continue to challenge me as I moved forward.

From that point on CrossFit has been a way for me to express and practice my passion for health, fitness and human performance. I believe that CrossFit's broad definition of fitness makes it inclusive for all people regardless of abilities, previous athletic history and goals. My favorite aspect of CrossFit, however, is the sense of Community behind it. Every day at the box is a new day to hang out with members, learn more about them and develop the bonds we create through finding fitness together.

After I realized CrossFit was my avenue to express myself and my passions, my hunger for knowledge and learning grew tremendously. I worked on cultivating my intelligence and coaching abilities through completing the CrossFit level 1 coach's course, United States of America Weightlifting level 1 coach's course and earning a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology from California State University, Fresno.

My passion for coaching others in their individual journey through fitness and life has allowed me to build relationships with others as well as given me the chance to do what I love every day. It is a true joy for me and I intend on continuing my pursuit of knowledge and applying what I learn in my life and in others to create happier, healthier, and fit people.

James Scharnick: Trainer
Certus CrossFit

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Kids Trainer

I have always been active, even as a kid I played every sport I could. Enter high school and I played Football, Basketball, and track and field. I was active every day, that being said I have always been overweight, struggling with weight my whole life. After a year of college football I entered the working life and was no longer active, eating bad and sitting around led me to weigh over 525 lbs. shortly after I met an amazing coach who helped ... Read more
David Lima: Trainer
Certus CrossFit

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Growing up I’ve always been extremely active. I began playing sports at an early age as an outlet for being so active and high-spirited. Playing baseball and soccer all throughout grade school and middle school and then continued playing baseball through high school and my first year of college. After my first year of college ball, complications came up and I opted out of playing baseball that year. I was devastated not playing baseball and after losing something that meant so much to me, I felt I had lost a part of my identity. With how competitive I am, something was missing.

One morning I came across on The CrossFit games on ESPN. Not knowing much about it, I started to YouTube every possible video containing CrossFit; I was hooked. With fitness being such a crucial part of my life as a competitive athlete, it had seemed I had found my outlet. One commercial during the Games showed CrossFit having thousands of affiliates around the world, so I looked for one locally. At the time, I was a timid 18-year-old, trying to find something to do to fill a void I lost with baseball. I was very intimidated with CrossFit, so much that I drove by the local CrossFit gym 3 times and got scared and drove away. Looking back this was the most ridiculous thing, that community welcomed me with open arms and to this day I am still good friends with people from that gym.

My passion grew over the years and inspired me to become a coach. There was just something about seeing people accomplish what they as some point thought was impossible. I immediately took my Level 1 Coach’s Course and never looked back. Creating relationships with people through their fitness journeys has enabled me to make lifelong friendships and allows me to do what I love every day.