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Check this blog page periodically for updates about our CrossFit gym, information about CrossFit events near Clovis, CA and a wealth of useful information. For more information about our facility, call us at Certus Crossfit.

Program Design For Certus

I've heard it said many time before that “You can CrossFit anywhere” and there is a lot of truth in that. Personally, I have done CrossFit style workouts at my parents cabin in the San Bernardino Mountains with no equipment but boulders, logs and the altitude. When I left the box I had worked at, I coached CrossFit in various parks, on bike trails ... Read more

I Considered Myself An Athlete

When I first saw a CrossFit workout it was the CrossFit Games on ESPN in 2012. You could say it was intimating. Watching shirtless men who look like Thor and Captain America compete in amazing acts of strength, speed, and stamina. Maybe I could have done those things 15 years prior, but not as I ... Read more